How to get to  Pelion?

Pelion is about 300 km from Athens and 250 km from Thessaloniki. Volos, the nearest major city, is 50 km away. All three cities have airports. From Athens and Thessaloniki to Volos you only drive on the motorway.

The journey is not for people who want to drop straight off the plane onto the beach. However, the somewhat arduous journey sorts out the audience. Here you will find almost exclusively gentle tourists who respect the land and nature.


Thessaloniki and Athens can be reached by direct flights from several German cities.  Almiros airport near Volos is only served by a few charter flights.


From Athens you drive only to Volos by motorway, about 3 hours. Then the drive through the mountains adds 1 to 1.5 hours. From Thessaloniki it is 2 to 2.5 hours by motorway plus 1.25 hours through the mountains. From Almirós airport west of Vólos, it takes 45 minutes to reach Vólos, i.e. 2 hours to the holiday destination.

Important: If you want to go both to eastern or southern Pelion, it is essential to take the bypass (Periferiakó) shortly before Volos in the direction of "Portariá". After 5 km, decide whether you want to turn left towards Portariá and Eastern Pelion or continue straight on towards Southern Pelion. In no case should you drive through Volos, it takes time.

In the direction of eastern Pelion, you come to a crossroads shortly after Chánia. Turn left towards Zagorá and Choreftó. Turn right towards the ski centre and Kissós. In Kissos, do not turn right into the village, but turn left down to the main road. There, do not turn left towards Zagorá, but right towards Moúresi. This will take you to Moúresi and Tsangaráda and the coastal villages there.

Train/ Bus / Taxi

The main railway line passes Volos. If you want to travel without a car, it is better to take the bus from Athens or Thessaloniki. It's cheap, fast and runs at least every two hours.

From Volos, take a taxi (60€) directly to your destination or take the bus to Agios Ioannis or Zagorá. The landlord will pick you up from there.