Where the forest kisses the sea

The holiday alternative with a mild climate

The Pilion is a low mountain range forested with deciduous trees on the east coast of mainland Greece, halfway between Athens and Thessaloniki.

It is up to 1550 metres high. The Pilion is extremely green and watery and has only deciduous trees in the central part: Mediterranean oaks that reach the water, chestnuts and huge beech forests. On the coast there are beautiful sandy and pebble beaches. Never crowded, like the Costa Brava around 1960.

The forested central Pelion has a pleasant climate that allows walking even in summer, as there is always shade. The adjacent peninsula to the south is also called Pelion. There, the landscape is more reminiscent of the French Provence, and the mountains are only 500m high. The climate is more typical of Greece.

The nearest town is Volos, 50 km away. The Pelion is ideal for people who are looking for peace and quiet, like to swim, but do not want to lie in the sun for hours, but want to move around. On the coast and in the mountains there are shaded walking and hiking possibilities.
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Mountains, villages and beaches await you        

The main villages of the central Pelion are all situated at an altitude of 400 to 550 metres. There are nice tavernas everywhere. From the top, there are roads leading to the coast. There are no connecting roads between the towns on the coast. This makes driving difficult, but there is no traffic noise. Those who prefer hiking and only occasional bathing should stay in the mountain villages.
If you prefer it the other way round, live on the coast. There, too, you can hike in the shade even in summer, or you can go to the mountains.
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One of the most beautiful places in the central Pelion is Damoúchari. Romantic, three bathing possibilities, no traffic, four tavernas, a small supermarket. Never crowded. If you are staying in one of the other villages, you should also visit romantic Damouchari.

Cheap and good accommodation

An excellent homepage of the Association of Room Renters makes it easy to find accommodation, and you also get good information about the place.

The flats practically all have WC and shower and a kitchenette. They cost around 60€ to 80€ everywhere in the high season if you rent for more than a week. In the tavernas, you hardly spend more than 30€ for a dinner for two.

Almost all flats are offered in May/June and September/October for 50€ to 60€ if you stay longer.

Hiking guide with plant identification section

The walking and plant guide has 176 pages and 174 illustrations.

It offers 16 walks in the central Pelion with maps and detailed directions. In addition, there is a detailed introduction to the landscape and history of the Pelion.

In the plant section you will find 100 illustrations with detailed identification help. In the appendix there is also an overview of the fauna of the Pelion. You can order the book online for 14,80€ (in Germany) or 17,80€ (from abroad).

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Pelion Panorama

The Pilion-Pamorama gives you a good orientation. If you click on the picture, you will get a larger image.